Human in the Loop

April 6-14, 2024. Opening reception: Saturday April 6, 5-8PM.

Shay Salehi & Gina D’Aloisio. Curated by Katie Chin.

Shay Salehi & Gina D’Aloisio


Human in the Loop is an immersive and collaborative exhibition by Shay Salehi and Gina D’Aloisio. Through kinetic steel and hyperreal silicone sculpture, the artists explore the interconnectedness of nature, technology, and humanity, however simulated and memetic.

Augmented by the whir of motors, video and sound installations, the sculptures form a landscape held together by the circuitry of exchanged memory. Human in the Loop takes inspiration from the phenomenon of mud-puddling, a behavior observed in butterflies where they seek liquid nutrients, often from the dead or living bodies of other species. Salehi and D’Aloisio's collaborative installation delves into the complexities of our relationship to technology, examining themes of biomimicry, consumption, and the blurred boundaries between the natural and the artificial.

As attendees navigate the exhibition, they are encouraged to contemplate decay as lack of consciousness and our diminished connectedness to nature. With a glitch in the balance of life, our shared sense of reality and collected knowledge breaks down. The exhibition complicates technology’s integration into the living world and how it has altered humanity’s narrative of existence.

The artists would like to extend a special thanks to Cody Frost, Benjamin Dimock and Jonathan Onyschuk in fabrication support of this work, the Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity, and Nurielle Stern.

Supported by the Canada Council for the Arts.

Please join us for the opening:
Saturday April 6, 2024
5-8 PM
420 Queen St E Toronto

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Shay Salehi

Shay’s practice is anchored in the boundary between human and non-human relationships. She explores the ownership and capitalization of non-human bodies by highlighting animal exploitation within our current societal standards. Her installation work provides a new perspective that contributes to the dialogue toward our use of the animal body while giving viewers an opportunity to contemplate themes such as dominance, domestication, and the space to decipher our ethical standards within contemporary society.


Gina D’Aloisio

Gina D’Aloisio’s practice is focused on hyperreal mold-making and found objects. She explores the human relationship to the material world through the replication of flesh with silicone in combination with found objects. Her work is a reflection of the contemporary moment, employing satire and irony to both poke fun, and critically contemplate our world. Lately, Gina’s work has been focused on the relationships between material culture, technology, social media, and their effects on identity.


Curated by Katie Chin

Katie Chin is a NYC-based artist and curator. She is currently a participant in the Interdisciplinary Art and Theory Program and is in residence at the Anderson Ranch Arts Center. Her questions are often concerned with social phenomena related to economic and societal transformation, exploring themes related to collectivity, precarity, freedom, and alienation.


Come join us for the opening!

Saturday April 6, 2024
5-8 PM

420 Queen St E Toronto

Saturday April 6 - Sunday April 14, 2024    

Doors open as listed.

Except for the opening or as posted, the exhibtion will be open by appointment -- schedule one online, or dm on instagram!