Other Tigers

April 15 - May 7, 2023 

 Gallery Launch Exhibition

We shall seek a third tiger. This
Will be like those others a shape
Of my dreaming, a system of words
A man makes and not the vertebrate tiger
That, beyond the mythologies,
Is treading the earth. I know well enough
That something lays on me this quest
Undefined, senseless and ancient, and I go on
Seeking through the afternoon time
The other tiger, that which is not in verse.

               -from "The Other Tiger" by Jorge Luis Borges, translated by Harold Morland


David C. Salazar, Marlene Zagdanski, Nicholas Crombach, Helen Liene Dreifelds, Sami Tsang, Phil Pax and Hannah Enkel, Rashmi Baird, Ninat Friedland, Tonya Corkey, Monica Wickeler, Nurielle Stern, Emily K Iseman, Shay Salehi, Erin Candela, Garrett Owen Gilbart, Andrew Rowat, Alice Phieu, Dayna Gedney, Jason Bomers, Keenan O’Toole, Doris Chu, Nadine Maher, Micah Donovan, Timothy Manalo.

This exhibition is generously supported by Tucker's Pottery Supplies Inc.

Opening Reception:

Saturday April 15th, 2023
420 Queen St E Toronto  

Saturday April 15 - Sunday May 7, 2023   

 Except for the opening, the exhibtion will be open by appointment.